Online Payments For Parents
  • 18 May 2023
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Online Payments For Parents

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Article Summary

How To Set Up Payment Accounts

Log in to the Parent Portal and Click on Student Accounts

Click on Setup Payments

Payments can be setup with Credit/Debit cards or a bank account number.  

Schools nomally add a payment processing transaction fee. Typically a fee of 3% will be added to Credit/Debit payments and a fee of 0.8% will be added to bank account payments.  The minimum fee is 25 cents. Payments will be rounded up to the nearest 5 cents.  


Choosing Add Credit/Debit Card brings up the following form where you enter the account number, expiration date and a nickname for the card.

Choosing Add Bank Account brings up the following form where you enter the following information.

The check example below shows where the Routing and Account numbers are found.

How To Make a Payment

After at least one payment method is set up, you can now click on Make a Payment.

If you have more than one child you will see their accounts individually.
If the school accepts online payments for more then one type of accounting item, you will see each accounting item individually.
Enter a payment amount in the appropriate Pay field and then click Pay->.

Transaction History

By clicking on a child’s name and account you will see the transaction history (which can be printed).

The drop down filter can be used to display transactions within a specific date range.

The transaction history list can be printed.