How to get SSID Numbers Step by Step Instructions
  • 07 Sep 2023
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How to get SSID Numbers Step by Step Instructions

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Article Summary

Our Guide (while very useful) is not intended to be a substitute for the official CALPADS training and documentation. For detailed instructions on how to use the CALPADS website and all other resources, please use the links below:

CALPADS has changed how to get SSIDs

When you send up a SENR file with a blank SSID it now AUTOMATICALLY assigns an ID to that student. For this reason, SchoolWise has pulled all blank SSID students from the Fall1 Step one SENR file. To avoid creating MIDs you have to use the interim procedure set up by CALPADS.  For right now - there is no more checking and giving you matches, It’s all a manual process at the moment.

SENR SSID Enrollment - Missing SSID

Running this using the first day of school will give you any student new to the district this year that is missing an SSID.

SENR SSID Enrollment - Missing SSID - No ADA

Running this report will give you any student (no matter of enrollment date) that is missing an SSID, even students who are not ADA.

You can use the new match tool (and it helps some) but it’s still a pain to format the file and copy-paste the results in the SIS. If you want to get new IDs and you have lots to get… (like most everyone) I suggest running the Missing SSID extract and sending that up in the Match tool (not the regular SENR file upload) that will spit you back an excel result you can then use to match your id’s. Once you copy-paste the ones you want into schoolwise, then re-run the Missing SSID extract and then submit it as a SENR. CALPADS will now auto-assign SSIDs to any left blank. This is in flux and has mixed results but for more information on this process please see the link below.

Who is Responsible for What?

Obtaining SSID’s throughout the year is the responsibility of each school district’s CALPADS coordinator.
The designated CALPADS Coordinator is also responsible for all deadlines and file submissions to CALPADS. Including (but not limited to) New SSIDS, Fall Submission, Spring Submission, Periodic Enrollment Updates, Anomaly Resolutions, and all required Certifications.


Due to the nature of the CALPADS file submission process SchoolWise support for CALPADS is limited in scope. We are happy to assist with issues during the import/export process but we cannot be responsible for the navigation of the CALPADS website, Direct Certification downloads, sending/error-correcting file exports, State Deadlines, and Certifications, or the accuracy of your data.  All of our documentation assumes that your CALPADS coordinator is up to date on all of the self-paced training offered by CALPADS. If you have any questions regarding our help with the CALPADS process, please contact support at 1-800-727-6817. If you are in need of additional support beyond this limited scope please look at our Extended Services as seen below.

SchoolWise CALPADS Extended Support Service

Several LEA's have expressed a need for Extended CALPADS support. Sometimes due to a CALAPDS Coordinator leaving, or other LEA specific needs for meeting CALPADS deadlines or more advanced hand-holding services. Our standard rate for these Extended services is usually billed at $75hr. For those LEA's in need of Extended CALPADS support please email for a service quote. Some of the services that we currently offer are listed below:

Complete CALPADS File Submission Service (From Fall1 - End of Year)
We would take care of all your file submissions for the year in time to meet CALPADS deadlines. Letting you know in advance when they are ready for review and certification.

Anamoly Resolution & Advanced CALPADS Training with SEIS or SIRAS file submission assistance

What is an SSID?

SSID stands for: Statewide Student IDentifier.  An SSID is a unique, non-personally identifiable 10 digit number that all K-12 public school students are required to have.  The SSID has also been referred to as the CSIS number in previous years.

Where do I find the SSID in SchoolWise?

The SSID is located on the main profile page of the Student Form.  The page with a tab called Student when the Student form is first opened.



If you happen to get an SSID number in the student’s CUM file and want to put it directly into SchoolWise you can do that and avoid having to send them up to CALPADS altogether.   It’s possible to edit the SSID number if you have the privilege called (SSID Admin) assigned to your SchoolWise login username.  If you have this ability, you will see the edit box appear to the right of the SSID number field.  You can click this box to manually input the SSID number. When you click the box, you will see an edit box launch that looks like this:



Type the SSID number that you have into the field and click OK.  Remember that SSID numbers are 10 digits long and entering a bad number will cause problems in CALPADS later, so be careful.

Obtaining SSID Numbers

SchoolWise has created a custom SENR file that makes obtaining and maintaining SSID numbers in SchoolWise a bit easier. By using our report named:  SENR SSID Enrollment - Missing SSID SchoolWise only sends out a list of students to CALPADS that don’t have an SSID in SchoolWise yet.  By limiting the scope of this SENR file it makes getting new SSID's a much simpler process then sending up the entire Fall 1 Step 1 file.

This file can include new Kinders or possibly just new students to your school if their SSID did not come with them.  Either way, you are sending CALPADS a list (file) of these kids so they can compare them to the statewide database, and locate a new or possibly already assigned SSID to each student.


The Process goes a bit like this:

  1. Send student list (file) out of SchoolWise to CALPADS
  2. Choose what numbers go to what students in CALPADS
  3. Get the new numbers from CALPADS and import them into SchoolWise


Now that you are aware of the concept of what you are doing, it’s on to the Step by Step.

STEP I (Check student information in SchoolWise)

It’s always a “best practice” to check our student information (data) first before creating any file that is sent to CALPADS. Making sure that you have all of the required fields that CALPADS needs will greatly reduce any possible errors that you may have to deal with.  The cleaner the student information, the easier CALPADS is to use. 

Enter, REVIEW and CORRECT data in SchoolWise

Anything that we can fix before sending files to CALAPDS will make the whole process go much smoother. With that in mind please RUN each report below to assist you with this first task.

  1. RUN the Address Invalid Character Fix report to automatically remove most of these.
  2. RUN the US Entry Date Autofill for EO Students (Use the Action "Preview" first to verify your data then run using "Update" to autofill)
  3. RUN the US Entry Date Autofill for TDB Students (Use the Action "Preview" first to verify your data then run using "Update" to autofill)


Part I (How do I check my data?)

To check your data please open the Report Explorer by clicking on the Reports button on the left side toolbar, then selecting – Open Report Explorer.



  1. In the SchoolWise Report Explorer there is a category of reports called File Exports – CALPADS. Double-click on that folder to show the report names that are in it.


  1. If you double-click on the report called: CALPADS Student Information Check Form, That will open the report parameter window.


  1. You have a few options to choose from before running this report. By default, the School Filter is set to * or Select All. The Show Students is set to Missing Data.  You can choose any of these four choices to check for data issues, but for this document I will run Missing Data and SSID’s.

Once you run the Info Check form, print it out and it will look something like the example below:


Part II (How do I correct my data?)

In SchoolWise, input all of the missing data that the report explains is required.   Some examples of missing data could be: Missing Birth Country, No EL Date, Missing Residential Address City and so on…  The description on the report will explain it very clearly (see above).  Once you Re-run the Data Check form and it displays a window that says “Returned no Data”, you are ready to create the extract files and begin the Upload Process.


STEP II (Export the SSID Request File)


Now that we have checked to make sure the data in SchoolWise is as good as we can get it, it’s time to create the file to send to CALPADS.


You can find the report that we need in the same File Exports – CALPADS folder.


It is called: SENR SSID Enrollment - Missing SSID 


Because every student in a public school in California is required to be assigned an SSID number, it is up to you to send your list (file) of students to the State using the CALPADS website.  The SchoolWise (Only Missing SSID) extract report sends out all students who do not have an SSID number filled in (in SchoolWise) and that meet the following criteria:


  1. Are currently enrolled in a grade level (0H) class for the year you are logged into
  2. Have been enrolled in the school district on or after the date that you used to run the extract.  (The extract pulls all students from the date you enter until today)


When you double-click to run the report, you will see the following window open up.



  1. The report runs from the date you enter – until today.  All Enrollment Entrances AFTER and including the chosen date will be submitted. If unsure, use the 1st Day of School. Make sure you are logged into This School Year (2020-2021). Make sure to include a valid date range, or you might get this error message.



If you get the error message above, change your date back further in time to include all students that need an SSID (Use the First day of school for the year.)


  1. The second parameter called: Option is set to Exclude Non ADA Students by default, you will usually want to leave this that way.  You would need to change this if you wish to get SSID's for PS or Pre-TK students that are in a NON-ADA class.
  2. Change Option 2 if you want to exclude students set to Secondary Enrollment.
  3. ADA Grade Filter != PS – leave that way. (unless you need Preschool SSID numbers) [!=] means is not equal to, so by default it sends out everything not = to preschool.
  4. Enter the NPS School of Attendance (7 Digit School CDS Number) - Only Used for NPS Schools (CDS 0000001)
  5. Only Used for Certain Charter Schools to override the CDS code in the extract. Enter a Number to Overwrite the Reporting LEA (County and District CDS Number)
  6. The School Filter should be left as * which will export all schools. (Unless you need to choose just one)
  7. The Student Filter should also be left as * which exports all students. (Unless you need to choose just one)
  8. Once you have set all of the parameters, click the export button.
  9. Select the folder that you want to save the file into.  Make sure that you remember where this folder is.  You can create a new folder on your desktop where it will be easy to locate later.  You can see here that I have created a folder called CALPADS so I remember where the file is that I’m creating.  You can also see that under File Name:  it creates one for me called SSID Enrollment.txt, you can edit this to be whatever name you like before you click to export button.  When you have the name you want, in the folder you want – click on the export button.
  10. Next you will see the SchoolWise disclaimer window this explains how we are only sending the data that you have entered into SchoolWise.  It is critical to REVIEW ALL certification reports and never assume that NO ERRORS = ACCURATE DATA. It is the sole responsibility of the LEA to review all submissions and certify that their data is accurate.  Click OK to accept that window message.
  11. Once you click OK you will see the final results window that tells you where your file is and what the name is.  You can Close this window, Open it to see the student names, or Open the folder that it is saved into.



Here is what it looks like when you choose to open the file.  Here you can see the students names and data that is going out to CALPADS.  Sometimes it is helpful to review the final file this way to make sure all of the students that you expect to be going out are in there.



Your file is now exported and ready to send up to the CALPADS website! 


STEP III (Login to the CALPADS Website)

Now that we have exported the file from SchoolWise and we know what the name of it is and what folder it’s in, we are ready to login to the CALPADS website and begin the second part of our adventure.


Once you are at this step, we are assuming that you have a CALPADS username and password that was supplied to you. Remember that CALPADS expires passwords every 90 days or so.  If you do not have a CALPADS username and password please call CALPADS support at: 916-324-6738 or use the contact information below to get in touch with CALPADS support.


Part I (Log into the CALPADS website)

Using an internet browser like: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, please connect to the Link below:


You should now see the the main CALPADS login screen, and it should look something like the screen below:

  1. Enter your username
  2. Enter your case sensitive (this means that capitol letters and symbols matter)
  3. Click the (I Agree) check box
  4. The Login button should be lit up now and available to click
  5. Click Login and the website should bring you to the next page, you can tell you are logged in when you see your name and school name in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


If you can’t login to the website, please call CALPADS and find out what might be wrong.  CALPADS support is the only one that can help with login issues.


Part II (Uploading the file)

Once you are successfully logged into the CALPADS website, you are now ready to upload the file that you created from SchoolWise.



1. In the left hand menu of CALPADS please click Upload/View File Submissions

2. Click on File Upload


Now you are ready to select the file from your computer and send it up to CALPADS. 

  1. Select SSID Enrollment SENR as the File Type
  2. You do not need to type in a Job name, it will auto fill this with your filename. You can override it here if you choose.
  3. Click the Choose File button to locate the file that you created from SchoolWise. In my case mine was in a folder called c:\swClient\CALPADS
  4. Click the Upload Files button to send the file up to CALPADS.


Part III (Viewing the Results)

Once the file is sent up to CALPADS there is no notification sent back to you. You have to keep checking back with the website or hit Refresh (F5).   In our experience between 20 minutes and an hour you should see the status change to Ready for Review or Partial Post depending on how your submission settings are.


To check the status of your file, login to CALPADS under Upload/View Submission - View Submission as seen below:


  1. When on the View Submission screen you might need to scroll down to see the most recent file submissions under the Results heading. To review the file results click on the View button.


  1. That will bring you to the View Submission Details screen as seen below.  Click on the View/Post Passed Records button to begin the decision process.

You will need to scroll down to see the results of each student. CALPADS checks to see if As seen in the View Submission Details screen below.  Click on the View/Post Passed Records button to begin the decision process.

Each student will have a button showing on the left hand side (see above) for Single, Multi and possibly (New) depending on your specific post settings. You need to click on the button and CALPADS will display a compare screen that will allow you to make your decision for each student. Once you have selected your choice, you will see the Disposition column change from Ready to Selected. Some more details are below:

NEW – CALAPDS could not find any matches close enough for these students and assumes the student(s) needs a new SSID number assigned to him/her.  Click on New SSID if this is correct.  Otherwise choose None of the Above.

SINGLE – Only a single match was found for this student.  In this case you can choose the single match SSID if it is correct (make sure to compare birth date and school history) otherwise choose another option. Often times New Kinders can end up in this list, if they do, make sure to select NEW.

MULTI – Multiple matches were found for these students.  You may have 2 to 2 pages of multiple matches for these students. Pay close attention to which SSID you choose to avoid future issues.


Once all students have been set to Selected you are ready to Validate Matched SSID's. Please note, please DO NOT click the Post All button at the top of the summary - Scroll Down to the bottom and always choose the buttons there (as seen below) when Validating & Posting.


Helpful Hint - When reviewing the records on screen be sure to navigate to each page (see above right) since it only displays one page at  a time. Also don't choose Validate Matched SSID's until ALL students Disposition status has changed to Selected. This way you don’t miss any students.


Part IV (Request, Retrieve and Download)

Once the file status says Posted you are ready to move on.

  1. Login to CALPADS and go to Extracts
  2. Select SSID Extract
  3. You will see the screen below. Check that the Job ID is the most recent. Click on each school in your LEA and click on the double arrows to add them to the Selected Schools list on the right just to be sure. Make sure that Grade level is set to All and then Click on the Request File button. 



  1. Now wait about 5-20 minutes or so and log back into CALPADS (or just hit F5 and refresh)
  2. You should not see your file is ready with a status of Complete.
  3. Now click the Download button and save the file to the c:\schoolwise folder (or a folder of your choosing)


Once the file is downloaded, please open SchoolWise.


STEP IV (Import back into SchoolWise)

Now that we have exported the file from CALPADS, we can import our SSID’s automatically into SchoolWise.


  1. Go to the File Menu of SchoolWise (top left hand corner) Import Data – Import SSID’s.


  1. Browse to the file that you download from CALPADS and click Import.



  1. Click Import Now.  You will see the results displayed in the Text box.  You have now completed the SSID process.