Fall1 Submission Overview
  • 11 Jan 2023
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Fall1 Submission Overview

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Article Summary

When is the Fall 1 deadline?

Fall 1 Certification Deadline is currently December 16, 2022.  Below is a link to the official calendar in case things change. Keep in mind that Special Education file Submissions (via SEIS/SIRAS) have to be approved by your SELPA prior to Certification. Because of this, there may be additional deadlines. Please contact your SELPA and work with them on this important part of the Fall 1 Submission. You may look up their contact info below:

California Special Education Local Plan Areas

The Fall 1 Data Submission Includes 

  • Enrollment Counts for the new year
  • Dropouts from the previous year
  • Immigrant CountsFree/Reduced Price Meal Eligibility, English Language Acquisition Status (SELA)
  • Special Education (via SEIS/SIRAS)



Census Day

Primary Data Submitted

Official Submission Window

Certification Deadline

Amendment Window

Fall 1

October 5, 2021

2021–22 (Census Day)

  • Enrollment counts
  • English language acquisition status
  • Immigrant Counts
  • Free/reduced-price meal-eligibility
  • Special Education (via SEIS or SIRAS)

2021–22 Dropouts

October 5, 2022


December 17, 2022

December 16, 2022

December 18, 2021


January 20, 2023


For Updates click here: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/sp/cl/rptcalendar.asp

CALPADS Training & Resources

Now more than ever you really should make time to attend ALL of the CALPADS training. The website GUI changes often, and data requirements are becoming more detailed not less.  You really can benefit from taking all of the courses offered.  Remember, ACCURATE data is CRITICAL and often directly tied to FUNDING for your school.  You can sign up here: https://csis.fcmat.org/calpads-learning


CALPADS Self-Paced Training & Resource Repository



CALPADS Communications - This page contains communications related to CALPADS including system updates, correspondence, and newsletters.



CALPADS System Documentation - The system documents on this page assist in using CALPADS. (Latest file specs, Error list, Code mapping & more.)



CALPADS Frequently Asked Questions

List of frequently asked questions for CALPADS.


Step 1 - Getting Started

Essentially, the steps to Fall 1 (or any CALPADS submission) are:

  • Enter all required student information into SchoolWise
  • Review the INFO CHECK forms to catch any data entry mistakes
  • Run File Exports using the Report Explorer to create your files
  • Upload (send) the files to the CALPADS website.
  • Review and then Certify Data on the CALPADS website.

As When sending up files this year keep in mind that most of the validation has been moved to the Certification side, but there is still some validation that happens when you send up the file.

1. Files will not post with any validation errors at all.

2. Validation errors have to be fixed (or removed) in order to post the file.

3. Once a file posts and does go up, it is very likely that you will see more errors on the certificaiton side since this validation is tighter.

All of the files you will need for FALL1 are located in the SchoolWise Report Explorer, under the File Exports – CALPADS as seen below.  Keep in mind that when you select any report in SchoolWise directly to the RIGHT is a detailed description of the report contents and information on what each report is used for and the data it contains.


Step 2 - Enter, REVIEW, and CORRECT data in SchoolWise

Anything that we can fix before sending files to CALAPDS will make the whole process go much smoother. With that in mind please look over the steps below for the list of reports that will assist you with this first task.

 Enter, Review and Correct ALL data BEFORE creating your Extracts.

  1. RUN the Address Invalid Character Fix report to automatically remove these.
  2. RUN both INFO CHECK forms (Student & Program) then correct any issues.
  3. RUN the CALPADS Graduate Totals report and REVIEW the data.
  4. RUN the Names of Students by Lunch Status report and REVIEW.
  5. RUN the List Students in All Fall 1 Programs report and REVIEW.
  6. It would be best to do this manually when you get SSID's but if not: RUN the US Entry Date Autofill for EO Students (Use the Action "Preview" first to verify your data then "Update" to autofill)
  7. It would be best to do this manually when you get SSID's but if not: RUN the US Entry Date Autofill for TDB Students (Use the Action "Preview" first to verify your data then "Update" to autofill)

Step 3- Obtain SSID Numbers for all Students

I always like to get my new SSID numbers before I send up Step 1 since it helps you to focus on one task at a time and makes the process go smoother.  This export will send up all students (entrances) that do not have an SSID number but are enrolled in a 0H class.  All Enrollment Entrances AFTER and including the chosen date will be submitted. If unsure, use the 1st Day of School. Make sure you are logged in This School Year (2021-2022).

  1. RUN the CALPADS SSID Enrollment – Missing SSID report as of the first day of school, send this up first and pull your new SSID’s back into SchoolWise.
  2. If you want to include preschool change the (!=) to *.
    Follow the detailed instructions in our Obtaining SSID’s Knowledge Base Article 


Step 4- Begin the File Submission Process

In SchoolWise you will find the four main file submissions for Fall1 named (Step1-4 SENR,SINF, SPRG & SELA)  These four extracts need to be sent up at least once before using the (Updates 1-4 files - if you choose to do so). Keep in mind each file should go through the same process detailed below:

  • FIRST – Create the extract.
  • SECOND – Send up the extract to CALPADS.
  • THIRD – Review and correct errors. (Re-send the file to clear errors)
  1. STEP1 – CALPADS SSID Enrollment –  (Using date 10/06/2021)
  2. STEP2 – CALPADS Student Information – FALL1 (Using date 10/06/2021)
  1. STEP3 -CALPADS Student Program – FALL1 (Using the date range beginning on the first day of school till today (or) at least 10/06/2021)


BELOW are some helpful slides from CALPADS Self-Paced training related to PROGRAMS

QuickNote - E155 is now done during EOY so you DO NOT have to submit this again for FALL1.  Also, the Program Un-enrollment step is not required anymore for the same reason.


Please Note - EO/TBD students use the US Entry Date to determine their English Language Acquisition Start Date. It is best to update this date when you obtain new SSID's and copy it manually. But alternatively you can use the following reports to automatically add US Entry dates for EO/TBD students who started in the district in Kindergarten (or optionally Transitional Kindergarten): 

US Entry Date Autofill for EO Students 

US Entry Date Autofill for TBD Students 

EO/TBD Students who started in grade 1-12 will need their US Entry date manually entered. It's assumed that these students are transfers from another district or out-of-state or were home-schooled and thus have no record in SchoolWise to determine their US Entry Date.

Prepare to send up Step 4 SELA Records

  1. If you choose to RUN the US Entry Date Autofill for EO Students:  EO students use the US Entry Date to determine their English Language Acquisition Start Date. You can use the report US Entry Date Autofill for EO Students to automatically add US Entry dates for EO students who started in the district in KN. EO Students who started in grades 1-12 will need their US Entry date manually entered. It's assumed that these students are transfers from another district or out-of-state or were home-schooled and thus have no record in SchoolWise to determine their US Entry Date.
  2. Mark ALL new TK’s and KN students who are not EO as TBD starting on the first day of school.
  3. RUN the US Entry Date AutoFill for TBD Students. (Or complete manually.)
  4. RUN English Proficiencies by Site report to see what you are sending up.


Once all of this has been completed – you are ready to go for Step 4.

  1. RUN STEP4 – CALPADS English Language – FALL1 (Using last year's Census Date 10/02/2019 till today (or) at least 10/07/2020). You should send this up first for your TBD’s then when your EL dates come back, re-send the Updates 4 file. In case you run into SELA record issues, please use the chart below:


SPED File Submissions (Step 5)

Officially CASEMIS has been retired, and all data for SWD (students with disabilities) submitted by LEAs will now flow directly from their SEDS (SEIS or SIRAS) through an Application Programming Interface (API) to CALPADS. All special education data must be submitted through the API.


Please Review this SPED Powerpoint for SEIS


KEEP IN MIND! Like last year you CAN’T CERTIFY FALL1 on your own! You will still have to review the reports as always but at that point, you will now choose APPROVE instead of CERTIFY. Once you APPROVE the data is sent for review to your SELPA coordinator and it now will wait for them to APPROVE as well to then equal CERTIFICATION. Because of this, you should make an effort to click APPROVE Before December to allow for plenty of time for SELPA to also approve the SPED submission.

Title III and SNOR Information

In SchoolWise a student is determined to be Title III if they are not US born and are actively enrolled in the SNOR program.


SchoolWise can’t automatically determine SNOR eligibility due to the scope being as follows:

The term "eligible immigrant student" is defined as an individual student who (a) is aged three through twenty-one; (b) was not born in any state (each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico); and (c) has not been attending any one or more schools in the United States for more than three full school years. (20 U.S.C. § 7011[5].)


SNOR Program enrollment can span years and does not have to be unenrolled until they are no longer eligible. When a student moves from one school to another they would be automatically unenrolled from SNOR. SNOR ending dates also have to be manually adjusted when they are no longer eligible.


Title III English Learner and Immigrant Student Program Subgrant Administration and Eligibility
Fiscal Year 2022–23




CALPADS Hints and Tips

When running the Student Info Check form keep in mind WARNING vs ERRORS – warnings are just notifications that you may want to look over vs errors that have to be fixed.  You should still review and understand the warnings to make sure they do not apply to you.

PLEASE DON’T EVEN LOOK AT YOUR CERTIFICATION “ERRORS” until you have submitted ALL 4 STEPS and POSTED each one – and have WAITED OVERNIGHT for your new snapshot!  You will be chasing your tail on ERRORS that don’t even really exist!

Please don't use the UPDATES files it is best to use only Step1-4 all year long.

If you wish to use the UPDATES files (Which I don't recommend) Remember to send up all of STEP 1-4 extracts first. Then use the UPDATES 1-4 reports to keep your data up to date until Fall2. I don't like to use UPDATES files at all I would much rather always use STEP 1-4 throughout the year as it will help you to maintain more accurate data - imo.

Always keep an eye on the DEADLINES and MEET them early if possible.

Keep up on the CALPADS KNOWN issue and FLASH list to save yourself from chasing “errors”.   https://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/sp/cl/knownissues.asp

REMEMBER – sending up files and making sure they don’t have errors is only part of the process.  REVIEW – REVIEW – REVIEW your data!  Print out and save ALL of your CERTIFICATION reports (PDF’s are best) and make sure your numbers are accurate! FUNDING is based on all of the CALPADS data!

No Show - What to do Chart BELOW: