Family Page Overview
  • 16 Oct 2023
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Family Page Overview

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Family Page Overview

When you first click on the Family page tab in the Student form you will notice the student name is highlighted by default. The rest of the information on the form will be specific to that student while they are selected. For instance, below Edward you can see the Emergency Contacts at a glance and the relationships of each contact specific to Edward.

Also, you will notice the check boxes (for each contact) are specific to Edward as well. Below are detailed definitions for each check box and what they mean.

Emergency Contact

By selecting "Yes" to "Emergency?" you authorize the release of the student to that person in the event of illness, injury, evacuation, or emergency that may occur while students are in school, when the parents/guardians cannot be reached. In selecting someone to whom you authorize the release of your child, please consider:

  • Would your child feel safe & comfortable with this person & family?
  • Could this person care for your child for several days if necessary?
  • Is this person prepared to handle any special medical needs required by your child?
  • Have you let this person know they are on this list?

Can Pick Up Student

By selecting "Yes" to "Pick Up?" you authorize that person to pick up your child from school. This may include car pool drivers where parents takes turns driving groups of children to and from school.

Get Parental Notifications

Select "Yes" here if the person should be on the list for privileged "parental" communication from the school regarding the student. This may include parents who do not live with the student, or other extended family members who take an active role in the child's education. Privileged "parental" communication includes things like:

  • Mailing copies of report cards
  • Mailing copies of Truancy and Discipline notices
  • Notices for parent/teacher meetings
  • Receiving text/voice alerts regarding the student for attendance exceptions, or discipline actions, or any other alerts that the parent/guardian who lives with the child would get.

Part Time Residence

Select "Yes" here if the student lives with this person at least some of the time. Usually this will be for separated parents who share custody.

Split families 

Every student needs exactly one legal address (Home Address), even if they live part time in more than one location. In the case of split families where both parents have shared custody, school policy should determine which parent is designated the in-household parent (Home Address) and which parent is designated the out-of-household parent. The out-of-household parent should be marked to “Get Parental Notifications” which then enables a “Part Time Residence” flag to be set for this alternate address. 

Note that only the in-household parent will have access to the online registration forms. If you want to change which parent has access to online registration, you would have to swap the in-household parent and the out-of-household parent as follows:

  • Move the out-of-household contact into household.
  • Mark that contact as 'Parent'.
  • Move the other parent out of the household.
  • Check the 'Get Parental Notifications' for the applicable contact-student relationship.
  • Update the home and out-of-household addresses as necessary.

Contact info in the TreeView Window

The TreeView Contact Window contains data entry forms for all Students, Parents/Guardians, and any additional Family Contacts that live in the household or outside of the household. When you select one of the Contacts in this new window, the data entry fields for that contact show in the bottom of the form as seen below. 

There could be many contacts on this form so you may need to hover your mouse anywhere over the dotted lines to Click/Drag/Drop and resize the window for better viewing.

  • As you can see above, when you select the Household Address in the TreeView Window, the data entry form below displays the information for this household that you can edit. The Household Address fields are just like the old form. You may enter the physical address and/or additional PO/mailing address information for the household here.
  • To the top right is the Household Phone information location. This allows you to enter shared contact info for the household. You may choose to receive Emergency Alerts and/or Text alerts by checking one or both check boxes accordingly.
  • Adding Students and new parent/guardians to the Household can be done using the old familiar List Menu in the right hand corner of the TreeView Window, or by right-clicking on the Household Address menu item in the same window.

How do I edit Parent/Guardian Contact info in the TreeView Window?

When a Family is created it’s required to have at least one parent/guardian or primary contact that lives with the student in the same household marked as a Parent (dark blue dot indicator). In the above example this is the Mother. You may right-click on any contact in this window and set/change their household and/or parental status accordingly as seen in the right-click menu here:

Adult contacts marked as Parent (dark blue dot indicator) are used to build the family name, and their contact info is used in reports that list the parent contact info for a student or family. After creating a Family, to edit the parent/guardian name and relationship just select the contact then make your changes in the form below when Edit mode is enabled.

  • Each contact will have their own Personal Phone info. Each phone number also allows you to choose Emergency Alerts and/or Text alerts by checking one or both check boxes accordingly. These phone numbers can be organized in order of priority by clicking and dragging the name tag on the left of the number to the order desired. You may also change the phone type label here as well.
  • Email contact information is also available here with the option to subscribe to a Newsletter list and to receive Attendance/Emergency Alerts as well. Designate which you would like using the check boxes here.
  • Use the Personal Income tab to enter parent/guardian income information that will be used to determine student meal status. This tab is available for any adult that is listed as being in the same Household as the student.
  • Extended Family Contacts are added/edited the same way as the parent/guardian. Make sure to check/uncheck if you would like to have contacts receive school mailing and alerts/texts.

What to do when Parents are not getting Notifications

1. Verify the student-contact relationships in the Desktop SIS Family form are set correctly.

In-household parents/guardians will have a blue dot () beside their name. 

Other contacts with 'Get Parental Notifications' checked will have a green dot () beside their name. 

2. You can run the report 'List Students with No Relations set for Parents' to identify missing relationship labels and then fix any students who do not have a relationship set. 

3. If out-of-household parents are not receiving student specific alerts or notifications please run the report 'Non-Household Parents with No Alerts'. This report will show all non-household contacts with a 'Mother' or 'Father' relationship who do not have the 'Get Parental Notifications' checkbox selected to indicate the parent is to receive alerts. This checkbox must be selected in addition to the general Alerts and Texts check boxes to reveive alerts via the Parent Alert system.


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