Online Registration Setup
  • 22 May 2024
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Online Registration Setup

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Article summary

Setup Online Forms

Contact to setup/edit your online registration form packets. Packets must be setup and published each school year (perpetual packets are not allowed). Please provide the following information: 

  • School Calendar (start date and end date).
  • Advise when you want the form packets published (open and close dates).
  • Advise what forms you want to be included in your form packets or if you have any desired form changes.
  • Provide your documents that need to be published as a linked document. Some linked documents need to be updated every year (ex. your annual notice to parents).

  • To review/edit online registration forms, click the “Setup Online Forms” link from your School Office Menu or go to (ensure you enter your specific web domain). Ensure you select the correct school year as online registration forms are linked to packets published for a specific school year.
  • Online registration forms are designed to be filled out online – they are not formatted for printing as blank forms that can be filled out manually as many forms include dynamic content that changes depending on responses to specific questions. In some forms, you can’t see all the information for every field and pick list when printing a blank form with default values. It is best to review your forms online, not by printing them.
  • At least one school calendar for the district must exist in the SchoolWise SIS for the school year (at least the year period) before any registration packets can be created. A preliminary calendar can be setup if needed and then edited after the official school calendar has been finalized. When you approve and upload a new student application form, the school enrollment date is determined based on the SchoolWise calendar start date. If the school enrollment date needs changed later because of a change in the school calendar start date, this can be changed in the Desktop SIS manually or in bulk via a desktop report (Enrollment School Year Start Date Fix).
  • For registration packets to be published for particular grade levels, grade-level (0H) courses must exist for those grades and have at least one section in either the current school year or the upcoming school year. The sections can be empty (no students enrolled) but they need to exist in the SchoolWise SIS.

  • Click on the Forms link to preview each form individually, turn the skip form option on/off (to allow parents to skip a form), or edit Variables (review the customizable variables carefully). 
  • Click on the Preview link to preview the complete form packet (as seen by parents). 
  • Click on the Packet link (SchoolWise staff only) to edit the packet properties and set the open/close dates. If the open date is left blank, the packet will be available as soon as it is published. The close date can not be blank, it must be a date on or before the last day of the school year. The max close date is 90 days in the future if the school year-end date has not been set in the calendar. 
  • Form packets will be available for parents to access only when the Published status is set to Yes and the form packet date is date/time is active (live). Packets can be published to open or close at a specific date and time. If form packets for multiple school years are published concurrently, only the oldest form packets will be available to access from the parent portal. Old packets have to be unpublished before new packets will be available to access from the parent portal.
  • Click on the Published Yes/No link to change the packet status as needed. Your school administration should review and approve all registration packets before they are published! Editing packet content after it has been published is often not advisable (a supplement packet could be published if needed).
  • An optional intro message can be added to a form packet if desired (contact to enable this). These intro messages are not shown in the packet preview, they are only shown in the parent portals.

Form Packets

Specific form packets are created with particular forms for different purposes.

  • The First Day Packet is intended for all students, whether they are new or returning. There are particular forms in these packets that should only be completed for existing families with enrolled students since some forms are pre-populated with existing data from your SchoolWise Desktop SIS . Parents only have to edit the existing information if it needs updating. The Family Household Information form, Student Emergency Contacts form, and Student Medical Information form are examples of critical forms that are synced to the SchoolWise Desktop SIS records of students already enrolled. 
  • The First Day Packet includes 2 linked packets (both must be published concurrently). 
    • The Household Information packet (which must be filled out first) includes common forms for a family that only have to be filled out once, even if there is more than one student per family (ex. Family Household Information form, Proof of Residency, NSLP F/RP Application, Alt Income Survey). 
    • The Student First Day Packet includes forms linked to a specific student (ex. Student Emergency Contacts form, Student Medical Information form, General Consent form).
  • Special survey packets can be published (ex. Enrollment Survey).

New Parent/Student Application/Enrollment Packets

If this optional feature is desired, contact to enable this at your school.

Special online form packets are required for new parent/student enrollment applications. These packets include specific forms required for creating new parent/student records in the SchoolWise SIS and specific forms required to enroll a new student (ex. student information, immunization records, health exams, previous school records, records release request, etc.).

Once new parent/student enrollment application packets have been created, they can be published at any time. Depending on the packet publishing date, the student enrollment application form could be used for ongoing enrollment in the current school year or upcoming school year.


  • We have many standard forms and customizable forms available. Use the Browse Form Library link or click here to see a few examples. 
  • Simple custom forms can be created if needed. Complex custom forms (such as a fillable pdf) can be linked if needed. 
  • Specific forms allow required supporting documents (files/pictures) to be attached/uploaded by parents. Forms don't support attaching/uploading more than 1 file per attachment field. If multiple files (pictures/documents) need to be attached/uploaded by parents, they would have to be merged into 1 file or attached/uploaded in separate attachment fields.
  • Some forms may include links to external documents or websites. If a specific document for your school needs to be linked, your school can provide a shared link to the document or you can provide the document to SchoolWise so that it can be saved in our Google Drive folder and linked. 
  • Some linked documents need to be revised annually (ex. Annual Notice to Parents and NSLP application instructions). Tip: To minimize annual editing, avoid dating linked documents if not required.

Optional Forms

  • School administrators can enable the skip option for many forms if desired. This makes the form optional, allowing parents to skip the form (either before or after they open the form). Click on the forms link for the packet and then click the checkbox to allow the form to be skipped. A custom skip message can be added if desired (contact to add a custom skip message). 
  • Note: If a parent skips a form and then changes their mind, they can rescind the skip and fill the form out if the form packet has not been uploaded. If you have already uploaded the form packet, it is now locked which means the skip can’t be rescinded.
  • We can use conditional properties to show or hide particular forms for specific grades or schools. Ex.
    • The student enrollment application packet health exams form will only be shown to entry-grade levels (TK, KN, 01).
    • The student enrollment application packet most recent school and records release forms will not be shown to entry-grade levels (TK, KN).
    • The immunization form in the First Day Packet will only be shown to grade 7 students.

Form Variables

Some forms can be customized with variables in the packets. The form preview only shows the default settings. The packet preview shows the customized form variables and properties. We attempt to utilize the customized variables and properties best suited for your school. Please review all form variables carefully, especially the following forms: 

  • Family Household Information: The minimum number of required outside contacts can be specified.
  • Proof of Residency: We have 2 versions, either with 1 custom document list or 2 custom document lists (primary list and secondary list). The document lists can be edited as desired.
  • Income Data: We have two forms, either a Detailed version or a simpler NSLP IEG Range version (the income ranges are updated annually in the NSLP Range form to match the CDE Income Eligibility Guidelines (IEG)). Either form has an optional custom introduction paragraph which can be added at the top of the form.
  • NSLP F/RP Application:  Can include a link to your specific school instructions (English & Spanish) that should be updated annually. Instructions are not mandatory but many schools include a linked instruction letter to fulfill the CDE notification requirement. See here for additional information:
  • Student Emergency Contacts: The volunteer question is optional.
  • Student Housing Questionnaire: Add contact information for your LEA’s Homeless Liaison.
  • Pesticide Use Notification: Edit to include the specific pesticide details for your school.
  • Student Application: Edit options for birth documentation, photo, signature.
  • Most Recent School: Report card attachment is optional.
  • Records Release Request: Edit to include your school contact information.

Spanish Translations

  • Online forms are created/published in English but can be auto-translated into Spanish using Google Translate (contact if the translation needs to be edited manually). The parent portal will auto-translate the online form text if the parent portal account preferred language is set to Spanish (this can be changed in the account settings).
  • Linked documents can’t be auto-translated into Spanish using Google Translate but we can link your Spanish documents. Linked Spanish documents are normally only visible when the web portal account default language is set to Spanish and are hidden when the web portal account default language is set to English. 
  • Note: You can review the Spanish form content if you click the Setup Online Forms Preview link and select Spanish as the preview language.