How to Create Teacher/Staff Web Accounts
  • 13 Mar 2024
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How to Create Teacher/Staff Web Accounts

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Article Summary

Web Portal Access

To access your SchoolWise web portal, staff will need to create a SchoolWise web user account (this web user account is separate from a SchoolWise desktop SIS user account).

A staff member must exist in the SchoolWise desktop SIS before a SchoolWise web user account can be created. Click here for instructions to add a staff member in the SchoolWise desktop SIS.

To create a SchoolWise web user account, please follow these steps:

1. Open an up-to-date internet browser (eg. Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Safari, etc.) and enter your SchoolWise Web portal URL into your internet browser's address bar.

The URL assigned to your school for SchoolWise Web access should look like this: where "YourSchool" will be unique to your school. Do not try to connect to "YourSchool” is simply a subdomain prefix assigned by SchoolWise for your specific school district or charter school. It will be different for every school district. After your web module has been set up, we will provide the specific prefix to you. When entering the website address, do not add the "www" prefix to your school subdomain. SSL will flag it as a security problem since is not the same address as

2. Click on Staff Signup.

3. Click on Request Activation Code.

4. Fill in First Name, Last Name, Email, and Date of Birth.
All of this information has to match what is in the SchoolWise Desktop for security verification - as seen below.

The email address and all other required fields must be the same ones entered into the SchoolWise Desktop.  At times schools have had the wrong email or birthdate entered for a teacher, so please verify this information or it could cause confusion. 

If any of the required information does not match what's in the SchoolWise Desktop then the security validation will fail and you will see the message below:

If all of the data matches the security validation will pass and you will see the message below:

5. Please check your email for a message like the one below sent from

When you open the email you will see your access code. You may copy and paste this, or just click the link provided to complete account setup.

6. You will see a form suggesting a first-initial-last-name username, and you will be prompted to enter a password of at least seven characters in length containing at least one number.  If the system tells you that the username is already in use then type in another.  (Since parents and students can have accounts there are potentially thousands of users and it is possible that your first-initial-last-name combination is already in use.)  After choosing an acceptable username, click Create Account.

7. This brings you to the User Login screen.  Enter your username and password, and you will be brought into your gradebook homepage where you will see all of your classes like the example below:

Web Account Settings

A teacher can set/change their own display name, user name, email address, password, physical/mailing address, phone numbers, photo, and email notification settings.