Web User Privileges
  • 18 Aug 2023
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Web User Privileges

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Article Summary

Introduction To User Privileges

New staff are required to create a SchoolWise web account before any web privileges can be granted. Click here for instructions to create a web account. Once the new user web account has been created, the appropriate privileges can be granted by security admin staff with the authority to set privileges from the Admin/Manage Users menu. SchoolWise support will establish the appropriate privileges the first school administrator upon initial setup, and then that administrator can assign privileges for other users. 

Users who are able to change the privileges of other users will be shown with a security admin blue shieldhttps://demo.schoolwise.com/images/iconShield16.pngicon.

Users with any other admin privileges with be shown with a admin green shieldhttps://demo.schoolwise.com/images/iconShieldGreen16.pngicon.

Accessing Web User Accounts

Each tab shown above allows access to users groups: Teachers (staff), Class Sections, Students and Parents.

  • The Teachers tab shows all teachers (staff) that have a web portal account. Click the Teacher Name to see the class sections assigned to the teacher.
  • The Class Sections tab on the web shows all class sections. Click the User Name to see the class sections assigned to the teacher.
  • The Students tab on the web only shows students which have a web portal account.
  • The Parents tab on the web only shows parents which have a web portal account.

The Filter List allows you to find people in a large group by typing in a few letters of their name.


Set User Privileges

Click the Teachers tab. To the right of each teacher name (to the left of the username) is what is known as a Hamburger Menu. Click on this and then click on Set User Privileges to displays all of the available privileges for staff web accounts.



A security admin can disable any web user account (student, parent, staff).
Click the hamburger menu beside their name and then click disable user account.

User Privileges

Do not give users more privileges than they need to perform their job. Teachers have all of the inherent privileges they need for using their own gradebooks and generating non administrator reports. Some teachers also function as administrators and in those cases they might need additional privileges but in most cases this is not necessary and can even constitute security risks.

All the privileges described below may not be applicable for your school (you may not be using an optional module).

System Management

List Users and Generate User Activation Codes

The ability to see all the web user accounts. Note: The List Users privilege must also be enabled to View Other Teacher’s Gradebooks and Manage School and Course Gradebook Settings.

View Audit Trail Logs for Other Users

The Audit trail allows you to see teacher activity in the categories shown below:


Set Privileges for All Users in the District

This is the most powerful privilege because it allows the user to set all the privileges for all users including him or herself. A user with this security admin privilege (blue badge) can also enable or disable web accounts.

Change District Configuration Options

Access to change district configuration options for the web. Click here for instructions.

School Office Privileges

View Other Teacher's Gradebook and Attendance Pages

Privilege to view (read-only) all teacher gradebooks. This privilege is required to run reports in the Administrator Reports and Online Registrations Forms categories. Note: The List Users privilege must also be enabled.

Note: A course section co-teacher with 0% time also gets read-only access to that individual class section gradebook. Click here for Instructions to add a co-teacher. 

View Student Information Form

Enables the Student Information link from the school office menu to provide quick access to essential information for all students. Note: Teachers already have access to the student information for their class rosters from within their gradebooks.

Manage School and Course Gradebook Settings

Privilege to access (read/write) all teacher gradebooks and Course Gradebook Settings from the Administration menu. Note: The List Users privilege must also be enabled.

View Parent Accounting Balances

Privilege to access parent accounting balances from the Admin/Manage Users/Parents Tab and show card payments authorizations history.

Define and Manage District Skill Sets

Privilege to access Manage Skill Sets from the Administration menu.

Send Telephone and Email Alerts

Allows access to Parent Alert system.

Manage Online Forms

Access to manage the online registration system.

Run Administrator Reports

This adds an option to access Web Reports as an administrator. Note: The 'View Teacher Gradebook and Attendance Pages' privilege must also be enabled to run the reports in the Administrator Reports and Online Registrations Forms categories.

Student Analytics

View District Level Dashboards

Enables the Student Analytics link in the school office menu and provides view only privileges to the Dashboards. This privilege also provides access to the Indicators and Performance Groups tabs in the Student List view.

Modify Analytics Indicators and Performance Bands

Provides the View District Level Dashboards privilege and the ability to Edit Indicators and Performance Bands. 

Modify Analytics Dashboards and Pods 

Provides the View District Level Dashboards privilege and the ability to Configure (create/modify) Dashboards and Pods.  Note: The creator/owner of a dashboard can share it with other users. If not shared, only the creator/owner can see it.