SchoolWise Web Modules
  • 18 Oct 2023
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SchoolWise Web Modules

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Article Summary

SchoolWise Web is a set of four add-on modules which run in a web browser. These optional web-based modules are integrated and directly linked to your live SchoolWise SIS data. There are many third-party apps, grade-books, meal accounting systems, mass notification systems, online payments and even registration systems. The problem with third-party apps is that they all require exports and imports from student information systems and are never really up to date. SchoolWise Web provides you with access to current data.

The Web Foundation Module 

This module includes many features that can be enabled/disabled as desired for your school: 

  • Teacher attendance recording (with optional meal ordering feature)
  • Both letter-grade and standards-based teacher gradebooks and report cards
  • Parent-Student Portal (gradebook marks, CAASPP/ELPAC scores, teacher messaging system)
  • Student Analytics System (contact SchoolWise support to enable this optional feature)

Parent Alert System

This Mass Communication System provides:

  • Both robo-voice and recorded voice phone messages
  • SMS text messages
  • Emails
  • One time alerts
  • Recurring alerts like daily absent calls
  • Filters allow alerts to be sent to groups of students/parents based on a large number of criteria

Online Registration Module 

  • Our web-based online registration system is used in conjunction with our web-based parent portal to publish online registration forms which parents can read, fill out, and sign using any internet browser (via computer, tablet, or smartphone). 
  • Once the online registration forms have been completed by a parent, the forms can be accessed/edited/approved/uploaded by your school administration and synced to your SIS.

Online Payments Module

  • Allows parents and staff to pay for meal charges and other fees online via credit card or ACH check.

Database Hosting

While not specifically a SchoolWise web feature, our secure cloud hosting service allows you to run the SchoolWise SIS desktop app from any Windows PC that has a decent internet connection. 

  • It makes the SchoolWise SIS desktop app truly portable as you no longer need connected to your own server. This flexibility is becoming truly necessary with ongoing natural disasters and Covid-19 lockdowns.
  • You no longer have to maintain your own SQL Server. With this service we provide the hardware, software, maintenance and automatic backups of your SIS SQL database.

Web Access Tips

Open an up-to-date internet browser (Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Safari, etc.) and navigate to the URL assigned to your school for SchoolWise Web access. It would look like this: where "YourSchool" will be unique to your school.

Do not try to connect to "YourSchool" is a subdomain prefix assigned by SchoolWise for your specific school district or charter school. After your web module has been setup, we will provide the specific prefix to you.

Do not add the www prefix to your school subdomain. SSL will flag it as a security problem since is not the same address as