End of Year Rollover Review - Best Practices Guide
  • 21 Jul 2023
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End of Year Rollover Review - Best Practices Guide

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Article Summary

Top Questions asked about Rollover and End of Year

When can I enter new students into SchoolWise?

  • You can enter new student records at any time in SchoolWise. You can enroll new students in a school at any time in SchoolWise (the initial school enrollment date should be the first day they attend school). The rollover from the current school year to the upcoming school year does not have to be complete to do this. The calendar for the new school year does not have to be setup to do this. The only limitation is that students can't be enrolled into a class for the upcoming school year until after rollover has been completed. Class scheduling for the new school year can’t be done until after the rollover has happened.
  • If you re-enroll a former student, note that the end-of-year rollover auto-advance grade level only works for currently enrolled students. When there are enrollment gaps, you have to define the correct grade level when a student is re-enrolled. We have no way to know what educational progress was made during the enrollment gap time period.

What about E155?

  • E155 is now part of CALPADS EOY and should only be done AFTER rollover.  The E155 extract sends up the exits for any students that attended school last year and are still enrolled in the district. PLEASE DO NOT Bulk Unenroll students from their classes. 

Do I have to unenroll TK, Graduates, or Matriculations before EOY?

  • Yes.  If you know of any students that are not coming back, you should un-enroll them from school on the first day of non-attendance (NOT the last day there).  Program un-enrollments, matriculations, and program re-enrolls happen automatically during the rollover process - PLEASE DO NOT manually unenroll students from school or programs/classes !  
  • However, once EOY submissions are done, TK students have to be promoted manually since their TK status can span more than 1 year.

Pre-Rollover Checklist

  1. Send a copy of the Board Approved Calendar to chad@schoolwise.com for review/setup, please also indicate what schools in your district are still active in the upcoming year and what calendar/marking periods go with what school.
  2. SchoolWise will Create the New School Calendar for each school that is still active. It is crucial to pay careful attention to: ADA-Registration months, non-attendance days, marking periods, start/end dates and total in-session days. Once the calendar is setup it's a good idea to review the report called: "School Calendar" for final approval by the business manager. Minimum days are not marked in the calendar.
  3. Exit/Enroll school Staff. Make sure to exit staff that you know are not coming back next year (remember to use the first day they are no longer there - first day of non-attendance just like students). You can do this on the Staff Form – Schools Page Tab, “Right Click” on the school assignment and select Unenroll.  Also, now is a good time to enter new staff members that will be coming to the school.



  1. Mark Retained Students (this can be done at any time) – if you know of any students who are not moving up a grade level they need to be marked as "Retained".  You can mark retained students using the Student Form – Enrollment Page – Class Schedule (Bottom Page Tab).  “Right Click on the Grade Level class that the student is being retained in. (As seen below) If you don’t know if the student will be retained, it’s ok to change this after rollover.



  1. Bulk Matriculation/Graduation List for Rollover.  Do any students matriculate from one school to another in bulk? (I.e. maybe a K-6 school in your district has all 6th graders move up to 7th grade into the middle school?) Please make a note of any bulk student matriculation and let SchoolWise support know at rollover time.  An example is seen below:


Katahdin View Elementary (K-6) All 6th graders bulk unenroll and re-enroll into
Borestone Middle School (7-8) as 7th graders.


We also need to know what grades we can bulk graduate (i.e. all 12th graders graduate from the high school, or all 8th graders graduate in bulk from the middle school and leave the district.)

6. Please Notify SchoolWise support of any major changes to your school or district. Create a list of these changes for SchoolWise to review.  For instance, are any:

    • Are new schools being added?
    • Are any Schools closing/merging?
    • Are there any Grade level changes for a school?  (i.e. was a K-8 now K-6)
    • CDS code change?
    • Marking system changes (Trimesters to Quarters or something of the like...) 
    • Summer School sessions that need to be set up
  1. Schedule the Rollover.  Send an email to chad@schoolwise.com to schedule the rollover.  Rollovers will be scheduled first come first serve, but if you need one done ASAP – please let us know so we can help!


During-Rollover Checklist 

When SchoolWise support is on the phone with you doing the rollover, these are the questions that we will ask.


1. Free/Reduced Meal Program Rollover

CALPADS requires that all students that were in the Free/Reduced Meal program this year, be exited from that program at the end of the school year.  During the rollover, SchoolWise automatically un-enrolls students from the Meal program at the end of the school year.


ACTION ITEM – Do you want us to AUTO re-enroll students into the Meal Program?

At this time using the rollover tools we can automatically re-enroll students back into the same Meal Program (but marked as Unverified) for the new school year.  If we do this - students will start on day 1 of the new school year with the same Meal Program enrollment as the one they ended the year with.  It is very important that we know what you want to do before we do the rollover.


2. Section Rollover

All sections (classes - grade level, 0H, and academic) from the previous year (empty or not) are assumed to be active and are copied over to the new year at rollover.  It is best to review all of your sections and delete the ones that are no longer in use (or were not used this school year).  You can’t delete sections that had any students in them ever, just ones that have not been used. 


Post-Rollover Checklist

Now that after the above rollover process is complete, there are a few items that you might want to review.


1. Fiscal Year Rollover 

A Fiscal Year Rollover needs to be completed before meals can be scanned for the new school year or online payments can be processed.

  • All accounting (including meal scanning) is based on a fiscal school year, which runs July 1 - June 30. A fiscal year rollover needs to be completed after June 30th of each year before any accounting transactions can be processed in the new fiscal year (after June 30th). 
  • Make sure all old meal transactions have been scanned, and all old accounting transactions have been entered (manual checks or cash payments for example), and any necessary accounting adjustments have been made prior to your fiscal year rollover. Ideally you should run the trial balance report and confirm everything has been entered correctly. 
  • Please contact chad@schoolwise.com when you are ready for your fiscal year rollover. The old fiscal year will be closed out and all outstanding balances will be rolled over to the new fiscal year. Once your fiscal year rollover is complete, no further changes can be made to the prior fiscal year transactions.

2. Meal Item Rollover

For those using the SchoolWise Meal Program - a Meal Item rollover needs to be completed before you can scan meals for the new year.  Meal Items are District-wide and need to be set up every year.  This can be done easily (after the rollover) and once the new calendar is in place.

 Go to the District Setup Menu (top left-hand corner of SchoolWise) and select - Meal Item Setup. (as seen above)

  1. If you had meal items last year just Click on the Copy Items from a Previous Year" button to automatically add your meal items from last year to this year.
  2. Review your meal item prices and update any changes, you are ready to scan meals!

3. Section Review and Teacher Changes

Even though the sections were all copied over from the previous year, teachers and classroom changes may have occurred.  Log into the new school year and click on the Courses form.   From here you can make any changes that are required. Edit sections, change teachers, Close and courses that are no longer in use.



4. Bulk Enrollment

Once all the sections and teachers are in place, it's time to bulk-enroll students.  Use the Enrollment Form – Bulk Enroll Button to begin. Select the date to enroll, Double click individual students or use the Double Arrows to move all to the Right for enrollment.  Remember Right to Enroll – Left to Leave.


5. Automated Exports

For those using external service vendors and having automated tasks either set up on a local server or through our hosting service, the exports will need updated to pull data for the new school year. Once students are enrolled in their ADA Grade Level (Period 0H) class, please email James@SchoolWise.com to update your exports.

SchoolWise Report Explorer

Reports and exports require students to be enrolled in their ADA Grade Level (Period 0H) class. If you are getting 'No Results' when you run a report, please verify that you have students enrolled in the year you have selected.

What's Next