Manage Online Registration
  • 16 Feb 2023
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Manage Online Registration

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Once the online registration forms have been completed by a parent, the forms can be accessed by your school administration from the online registration management console. Click the “Manage Online Registration” link from the School Office Menu landing page or Admin dropdown menu. 

  • Different types of form packets are shown on corresponding tabs (ex. First Day Packets and Student Applications). The management console shows the registration packet status. You can sort the various columns in ascending or descending order. We also have a “Packet Status” online registration web report.
  • If a parent has not opened their registration packet yet, the entire row will be red and the Parent Name field will say “No Student Packet Started”. If a parent has opened a registration packet but not completed filling out the forms, the progress percentage will be red.
  • For Student Applications, the date/time of the packet completion is shown to aid in student enrollment prioritization. New parent signups will also be identified.

Form Data

  • The individual forms are shown on the right side of the online registration management console. 
  • Click on an individual form to review/edit/approve/reject. 
  • Individual registration forms can be printed for offline use if needed.  
  • We have many online registration reports available in the SchoolWise web administrator reports menu. Click here for more information.
  • Note: Online registration form data doesn't sync to the desktop forms checklist or associated reports. The desktop forms checklist is used for manual data entry of form data. 

Form Editing

  • Forms can be edited by a school admin or returned to the original author for editing. 
  • Parent notification is not automatic if forms are returned to them for editing (you must contact them to provide feedback). If a school admin returns a form to the author for correction, the system waits for the author to resubmit the corrected form. A school admin can edit the form and bypass this requirement by clicking on the edit forms link (top right corner) and then the all done link (bottom right corner). 
  • Sometimes editing a particular form may require all forms in that packet to be reviewed/edited. If the edited form declares one or more global variables, then saving that form (which may include a change to the global variable value), forces all following forms in the packet to be re-edited, since changing the value of a global may enable/disable or show/hide various fields, or show/hide other whole forms, or change validation rules for the remaining forms in the packet.
  • If a form has been edited, it will need to be approved before it can be uploaded. A form can be edited/approved/uploaded more than once.  
  • Once a file (picture/document) has been attached in a form, it cannot be deleted but it can be replaced with a different file, by either the original author or an admin. Just click on the file to replace/attach a different file.

Form Approval

  • All forms must be reviewed and approved individually by a school administrator!
  • Pay special attention to changed values before you approve and upload any form packets! 
  • Some forms are pre-populated with existing data from your SchoolWise SIS (parents only have to edit the existing information if it needs updated). Check “Highlight Changed Values” to identify changes.  
  • For any online form that has an Admin Only section, you just have add/edit the admin data and then click “Save Administrator Data”.  
  • Student Application Tip: Ensure the correct school, grade, school year, and enrollment date is set correctly in the office section of the student application form. You can add an enrollment effectivity date if desired (if left empty, it will default to the first day of the upcoming school year or the packet upload date of the current school year).
  • Student Application packets can be marked rejected and then deleted.
  •  The Upload/Archive Packet link will be enabled on the right side after all the individual forms in the packet have been approved. Click on this link to upload/archive the form data. Note that the First-Day packet includes 2 sets of forms (household and student) which must be approved and uploaded.
  • When a packet is uploaded, critical data syncs to the SchoolWise SIS but much of the reference data only resides in the SchoolWise web online forms. Each form will say “Upload Completed” if it contains data that syncs to the SIS or “Archive Complete” if it contains reference data.
  • Upload is disabled for all packets after the ScyID of the packet is over. This is usually long after the expire date of the packet, but it should help ensure data from old school years is never uploaded by mistake.
  • Online Student Application Post Enrollment Advice: When an online registration student application is approved and uploaded to enroll a student in your school, the student contact relationships for the household have not been defined yet. The relationship for each student and household contact needs defined along with the emergency contacts, pickup permissions, and parental notifications. This data can be entered manually in the SchoolWise SIS or collected via the online registration first day packet student contacts form. If this data is needed immediately for reports or automated extracts, it should be entered manually in the SchoolWise SIS. Click here for additional help.

Form Management Examples

An example is shown below with the Household Information Packet and First Day Packet. Click on any student name to view the details of each form on the right hand side. Each online form that has been filled out and submitted to the school will have an indicator in the top right corner of the form. 

When you click on: Needs Approval the form will open up as seen below with a choice selection toolbar directly under the title. By default Highlight Changed Values will be selected. This will show you changes that were made to the form for you to review:

Each form status and the selections you can choose are listed below:

Edit Form Data - choosing this allows you to directly edit the form and make any changes. This can be used to fill out the form for parents in the event they are having trouble, or you can use it to change anything that needs to be corrected. Once you edit the data you can click Submit to School and this will change the form status back to "Needs Approval".

Before a parent enters any information or reviews a form the status will say "No Data" as below:

Once a parent has entered information on a form and chooses Submit to School, the status will change to "Needs Approval" as seen below. Click on it to change the status.

Return to Author - choosing this sends the form back to the parent for them to make changes and sets the form status to "Returned to Author for Correction". Once the parent re-submits the status will change back to "Needs Approval".

Approve for Upload - this will approve the form and change the status to Ready for Upload as below: