Parent Web Portal Accounts
  • 23 Feb 2023
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Parent Web Portal Accounts

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SchoolWise Web Portal Access:

Open an up-to-date internet browser (Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Safari, etc.) and navigate to the URL assigned to your school for SchoolWise Web access. It would look like this: where "YourSchool" will be unique to your school. Do not try to connect to (this is just an example). “YourSchool” is a subdomain prefix assigned by SchoolWise for your specific school district or charter school. After your web module has been setup, we will provide the specific subdomain prefix for your school.

Please Note: Do not add the www prefix to your school subdomain. SSL will flag it as a security problem since is not the same address as

Enter your specific SchoolWise Web portal URL (i.e. into your internet browser's address bar and click on the Parent Signup link.

A parent portal web account can be created for each in-household parent or each out-of-household parent/contact.

Parent Portal account set up can be a somewhat involved process due to security concerns, split families (divorced parents), and blended families.

Split Families with Shared Custody: Separate parent portal web accounts can be created for each parent. The same student information is shared with both parent portal web accounts except online registration access can only be granted to 1 parent (the in-household parent). Click here for more information.

The SchoolWise parent portal includes active help information to aid a parent/contact in creating a web account. 

There are 2 methods for existing parents to create a parent portal web account from the Parent Signup link at your specific SchoolWise web portal URL (i.e.

Web Account Access Method 1: 

Parents can create an account by entering the parent activation code provided by the school. See here for instructions:

Click here for information on How To Obtain Parent Activation Codes.

Web Account Access Method 2: 

Parents can create an account by entering their parent name, parent email, child name, and child DOB. An automated email will be sent to the parent with their activation code and link to create their account. See here for instructions:

New Parent/Student Application/Enrollment Access:

If this optional feature has been enabled, a new parent (a parent without any enrolled children in your school district) can create a conditional new parent registration account which only has access to the Parent/Student Application packets (when published). New parents can signup for a restricted new parent registration account using their email (no access code is required).